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Academy Manifesto


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At Gateway Academy, we believe in Creativity, Courage and Connection.

We commit to play, rigour, and risk in equal measure, as we teach the craft of theatre to students of all ages. 

We support students in their development by giving them our home: a professional theatre bustling with the best artists in the Lower Mainland, working on our stage, behind the scenes, and in our classrooms. 

At the Academy, we provide process-based learning as the safe, supportive environment in which our students will grow, and we train our students to strengthen the vital skills for vibrant self-expression. Skills and abilities are assessed according to our two great goalposts: fullfiling your personal best while supporting the sucess of fellow classmates. 

Because creativity isn’t just joyous (though it’s a great side-effect!), it is about striving and thriving as individuals and as a community, and it requires generosity and respect for others. 

And as the leaders of this big, bold, beautiful process, this is our belief, our goal, and our promise to you.

See you in class!


We believe that every child has a creative voice that should be nurtured. We believe that freedom of expression is necessary to healthy societies. We believe that theatre is a powerful means of creative expression that has the ability to transform individuals and society as a whole. Thus, we exist to share our love of theatre with our students.  We do this by creating a safe, respectful environment where our students:

  • Experience individual and collective success
  • Challenge themselves
  • Feel free to take risks
  • Pursue excellence
  • Enjoy the potential for personal transformation

We teach practical skills with exacting standards but, ultimately, we judge our success by how well we teach our students:

  • To respect one another
  • To respect themselves
  • To respect the value of hard work
  • To respect the traditions of our craft
  • To recognize that they are unique, creative beings whose voices are worthy of being heard

Through inspired mentorship, we foster individual expression and creativity.  We ensure a better future by investing in our greatest asset: the youth of today.


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If you have any questions, please contact:
Ruth McIntosh
Education Manager