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Secondary School Outreach Program


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Secondary School Outreach Program
About the Program

Each year our Secondary School Outreach program offers 120 secondary school students free access to a unique arts education opportunity in a professional theatre environment. The focus of the program is on theatre arts career opportunities, as well as developing an awareness of aspects of the professional theatre industry. To each of our MainStage shows, we invite 30 students to spend two days at Gateway Theatre, during which they learn about careers in professional theatre, production processes, artistic choices, and the social lessons that theatre brings to light. Students participate in a range of engaging activities over their two visits:

Day 1
  • A behind-the-scenes tour of the Gateway Theatre facility
  • Q&A session with Gateway's Artistic Director and Administration Staff
  • Curriculum-linked workshop led by the Education Department in which students engage in discussions and hands-on activities that are connected to the content and themes of the corresponding Signature Series production.

Day 2

  • Complimentary matinee performance
  • Talkback with Cast and Creative team and/or Education Team

For information:

Alexa Fraser, Education Coordinator

Education Department, Gateway Theatre

604-247-4984 /


"My students were exposed to a theatrical experience, but more importantly, they were able to see the many skills necessary to succeed as artists in the "real world": perseverance, creativity, collaboration, and professionalism. They heard about the varying ways artists entered the field of theatre (including child performers), and came back to class with fresh insight and questions about post-secondary opportunities in business, art, theatre, directing and acting." - SD38 Drama Teacher

"I found that the content of the program was exceptional. I expected to get a tour and learn about the profession and we did do this, but we also got to meet the people who run and act in the shows. This additional level of depth made the program worthwhile." - Cambie Secondary School student

"The most valuable thing I learned is that education and training is important and it is good to 'stay curious.'" - McMath Secondary School student

"I saw how much work truly goes into these productions and ended up with a greater appreciation for the final production." - McMath Secondary School student

"I think the workshop had the greatest impact on me because we did a scene from the actual play. We spent a lot of time on it and it was fun to perform them." - Cambie Secondary School student on the Education Team's screen-to-stage adaptation workshop for A Little Night Music 

"I always enjoy the opportunity to chat with folks about what we do as theatre practitioners and to answer any questions they might have. Students and theatre students especially. These were a quiet bunch but I know that there were some among the group who heard something which will remain with them, and hopefully bolster them. Even if not a single one of them chooses a life in our industry, we have helped nurtuer an ongoing relationship with live theatre and hopefully helped in creating informed audiences for the future" - Allan Morgan (A Christmas Carol) speaking from an actor's perspective on the impact of the post-show talkback experience

Ruth McIntosh
Education Manager