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Generosity, curiosity, empathy, equality, emotional intelligence–these are some of the skills that are developed in a theatre class. In the spring of 2017, Google released the results of Project Aristotle, a study that showed that their most successful teams are made up of people who possess those very skills. Intriguing results, coming from an organisation which has been better known for its praise of STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and math).

In our Academy classes, students gain an understanding of themselves and others, grow confident, and develop communication and problem solving-skills. All the while, they are also learning acting, singing, dancing, and speaking techniques and having a great time doing it! What they do and how they do it is personally important to them—a self-direction that will benefit them in everything they do.

No matter what the future holds for our students—be it as performers, scientists, or Google employees—our communities are better places for their relational skills developed in theatre classes.

“Too often people put…science and the arts in different silos. They are the highest expression of the curiosity and creativity of humanity.”
—Fabiola Gianotti, particle physicist, World Economic Forum, January 2018

See you in class!